5 februari 2014


After a two month break we're back with a new podcast. I'm super psyched to have good friend, and DJ, Dominique D'lectronique Top do the third instalment of the BEARLY SESSIONS. I first saw D'lectronique play at a private party in Holland a few years back. She played the closing set and I remember she rocked my socks off. Dominique wasn't just cool and extremely sweet, but that same charisma also transferred through her track selection and that gives a dance floor energy. Lots of it. 

I did a small interview with D'lectronique about her thoughts behind the podcast, her career as a singer and what her favorite bear is.

How and where was this mix recorded? And what were your thoughts behind it?
This mix was recorded in my little studio at home, I have all of my gear set up there. I always record my sets and when I record something at home, I play it the same way as I would do on stage. Two technics, two iPads for midi-controlling and at the base of it all; my computer with Traktor Scratch Pro. I use the record output of my mixer for recording. 

I’d love to expand my setup someday, but the way I have it setup now gives me pretty much all the control I need when I play. On a side note, I recorded the whole set in one take. When I started recording mixtapes, I used to start over and over when I messed it up.
For this mix I really wanted to give you a peak inside my head, these two hours are a pretty decent representation of who D’lectronique is.

Tell us a little bit about the name “D’lectronique”?
I was 18 when I started DJing and I wanted to have a cool stage name, something that would fit me perfectly. So, I started thinking. My name, Dominique, is french. I play electronic music. Musique D’electronique is the french term for electronic music. My DJ name started out as "Dominique 'Lectronique", but I soon decided to skip the 'ominique'. D’lectronique had a better ring to it and has been my alter-ego ever since.

And yes, I love electronics.

I’ve heard some stories about you singing through a microphone while DJing, is this true?
Yes, thats actually true! I don’t sing as much as I used to, but I was the lead singer in a band for years! Sometimes when I’m feeling silly, I grab a microphone and sing when I’m DJing.

What do you have in store for us in the near future?
I’ve been producing my own tracks again, maybe you will see those floating around the interwebs! Other than that, keep a look out on my social feeds for updates on shows and what not.

What’s your favorite bear?
The Cinnamon Bear. Because they are awesome. 

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