12 februari 2014

AVUS - Staring Into One Eye (Wesley Matsell remix)

Shit on me. This one helluva remix by Wesley Matsell has been sitting no, dying, in my library for ages. I played it today and remembered how Dominik Eulberg destroyed the Boiler Room with it. I blogged about his set in April '13 and wrote "One hour filled with wicked tracks and not so wicked ones. I'll take the not so wicked ones for granted though." I couldn't really appreciate Matsell's remix back then. The synths overdid it for me. He exaggerated them. It was a little too powerful.

Now, I think Matsell made the synthesizers sound like a wizard casting Wingardium Leviosa. He pitched 'em so high, you have to get up to either cover your ears or dance.

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