9 mei 2014

Ø [PHASE] - Perplexed (RØDHÅD Extended Mix)

Rødhåd proves time and time again that he's a mastermind when it comes to producing techno. He just released a killer EP on his own label, Dystopian, which is as good as you'd expect it to be. It just doesn't seem to matter whether it's a 6AM banger or a subtle and spaced out floater, the in real-life architect from Berlin does it all. Rødhåd runs a respected label, has gigs all over the world and to top things off there's a residential suite reserved for him at Berghain. 

Rødhåd truely outdid himself on this remix for Ø [Phase]. He dives into the abyss for over 10-minutes with beautiful pacing and soundscapes. The first four minutes build on intensity and the track just seems to go deeper and deeper and deeper... I can only imagine what this epic monstrosity does in a sweaty basement at 7AM. Inspiring stuff.

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