31 maart 2014


Maurits Verwoerd has been producing music for about 5 years. With releases on labels like Fullbarr, Apparel Music and now Heist Recordings it's clear that Nachtbraker is moving upward. His third release, Gute Laune EP, is officially out today (digital+vinyl!) on the beforementioned Heist Recordings which belongs to Detroit Swindle. That brings Nachtbraker's total to three releases in 2014. So far.

By keeping his head down, focusing on producing and developing his own unique sound Nachtbraker is finally becoming a bigger fish in the pond. Several foreign clubs have already laid their eyes on Maurits and there seem to be big things in store for him in the near future. Everything is set on 2014 becoming his year.

Let's get to the EP. The title track "Gute Laune" means cheerfulness in English and is, ofcourse, rather cheerful with a soaring pad and some killer synth harmonies. "Bluebottle" seems to be toned down more, but still Nachtbraker is able to keep it authentic by adding a dynamic bassline, funky percussion and the gater-effect. The latter is a completely unexpected twist that gives the track a lot more depth. 

"Xantippe" is the most remarkable track out of the three.  A Xantippe is translated as 'evil bitch' or 'fierce woman'. I think the feminine side of the track is the atmosphere and it's the rest that brings intensity to it. Nachtbraker opens up with ambient sounds and broken beats before moving towards more danceable grooves. I really like this one, it's got a lot of heart. 

The artwork reminds me of a diamond in the rough and I think that suits Nachtbraker perfectly. Listening to Maurits' previous releases you can hear how his sound has changed over time. It feels like he's steered away from musical safety and into unknown leading-edge territory.  

Gute Laune EP contains three solid and sophisticated productions that aren't peak time bangers, but will definitely get your head bobbing.

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