16 december 2013

MY #4 TRACK FOR 2013

Holden changed the way I listen to music when he released his album, The Inheritors, in 2013. If you've read my blog it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of James Holden. I am positive Holden could fill this list by himself and it's not easy picking just one track. Listening to "Gone Feral", "The Inheritors", "The Caterpillar's Intervention" and "Renata" made me realize that James can do anything when making music and he's the only musician that gives me that feeling. 

I gave his album another listen and realized that "Blackpool Late Eighties" is where The Inheritors all come together. The entire album builds up to this one track. "Blackpool Late Eighties" is peaceful, majestic and intriguing. With eight-and-a-half minutes in length it is also the longest track on the record and that means something coming from James Holden. 

Holden doesn't only make very special music. He is also an inspiration to others. If I'd do a quick summary of Holden I would say he's an influencer, an innovator and a guide for other deejays. Whenever he releases an album people start to think different about music and the way they produce music. James Holden changes the way people listen to music. 

You can find my #5 track for 2013 here.

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