9 september 2013


Ryan Davis and Applescal had one idea, a spontaneous session and recorded various versions of what they had in mind. Out of that unplanned session came a three track EP. They wanted others to catch up with the idea and create their own "Creature", so they organized a remix competition. The winner of this remix "Creature" competition will be released on Ryan Davis' label and gets a pretty cool analog synthesizer.  If you're interested, you can participate here. Ofcourse I've already looked at some of the remixes for you, and posted my favorites below. The rework done by Warmth is a perfect ten in my opinion.

Ryan Davis' quote sums up the track perfectly: "The summer is in its last days but we don't want it to leave. With this release we wanna stay with the light sunny days for a while and dream on in the warm season of the year." The track is filled with atmosphere but it never completely takes over control of the track. Except during the break, where the groove gets a little aggressive. I love how the way they reshape the groove over and over again, yet it never sounds out of their control. Ryan Davis and Applescal are kick ass producers.

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